Metlist Support - Still alive and as popular as ever.

METLIST is a free service from On Time Support, which connects you to other MET/CAL and OTS software users. With METLIST, you can send a message to a group of subscribers and ask for help or suggestions to specific questions.

When you send a message to, each of the subscribers to METLIST will receive your message. If someone chooses to respond, they can respond to your E-Mail address, or to the METLIST group. NOTE: Don't attach any documents or files: no EXE files, no Word documents, no UUENCODED text. And don't open or execute any attachments in other peoples' messages. Viruses and worms lurk there.

Joining METLIST is easy. You do not have to provide any information, except for your E-Mail address. Your E-Mail address is not sent to anyone else unless you post a message to METLIST.   All "Terms of Use" for this site also apply to METLIST.

To join METLIST, please visit: