Newsletter - Update from On Time Support

To our Customers

The past year has been full of challenges and accomplishments for us and its time to let everyone know what we've been up to.  We have been working hard on exciting projects with assistance (both technical and financial) of several well respected companies. This help has put our new product efforts on a fast track which is allowing new and upgrade product releases to occur far more quickly than we could have accomplished strictly on our own.  We are working on web site updates and they should be available very soon.

As part of the development process, we focused on security for our web products and they are constantly being tested.  There have also been new developments in performance for these applications.  Our METDaemon products have always performed well in low bandwidth environments and we have enhanced this performance further.  We also focused on product testing in three areas; accuracy, performance, and security.  We have worked with other organizations to perform this testing and now we are finishing up field tests.

Metrology Xplorer 2

First, we have a new version of Metrology Xplorer 2, that is currently in a worldwide test, that can use Microsoft's MS SQL Server in addition to the traditional Sybase environment.  We have been asked to provide this from many customers over the past few years and we are happy to finally be able to satisfy this need.  But we're not stopping there. Plans are in the works to also support other databases in the future as well.  This is going to simplify database administration for those organizations that only use Sybase for MET/CAL and MET/TRACK and not for any other internal applications.  We are working on plans that will make it easier to access data from Metrology Xplorer 2 by other management systems in use within the company (like accounting systems and Enterprise Resource Planning systems).  These improvements will eliminate data export/import cycles to keep data in sync and allow a more real time update between computer programs.

In addition, we have added new features and processes to the product which have already been customer tested.  Look for further information about the new Metrology Xplorer 2 in the very near future.

Metrology Xplorer 2 operates in all modern versions of Windows, and most Linux Desktops, and is fully supported by us.  If you currently use Fluke's MET/TRACK (which Fluke no longer supports), you can upgrade to METEX2, and retain all of the functionality of traditional MET/TRACK without the high costs involved to change your internal processes, rewrite all of your reports, transfer all of your data and re-doing process validation tests that a new asset management system would require. Look for very competitive pricing from us too.

Barcode Magician 1.8

Early in Q3 this year, we will formally release Barcode Magician 1.8.  This product is also able to operate in MS SQL Server or Sybase with future plans to support other databases.  This product is in worldwide test and that includes both the web version, BC Mobile, and the standard Barcode Magician Plus.  Existing Barcode Magician systems will be able to upgrade to version 1.8 for a nominal cost.

Joint Venture with Cal Lab Solutions

We have been working closely with Cal Lab Solutions to help bring a MET/CAL alternative product to market. They have a very promising new automated calibration product – Metrology.NET®.  Metrology.NET® is already running in production environments with a few selected companies around the world.  The people involved with the product have reported they are very impressed with its capabilities.  We believe it is a powerful tool that will help our customers be more productive; not just replacing MET/CAL automation for meters and scopes, but also with RF & Microwave, torque, pressure, temperature, humidity and several other disciplines.  

Of course we are integrating Metrology.NET® with OTS products so a complete metrology lab management  solution will be available.  Cal Lab Solutions will take care of the automated calibration while OTS will look after database integration with proven management solutions.  Look for further announcements during Q3 at NCSL this year.


For those unfamiliar with METDaemon, it is a software platform and development environment that greatly speeds the implementation of custom applications, thereby lowering the cost.  METDaemon provides standardized functions and database connectivity features to make software development easy and fast.  All newer OTS products use the METDaemon environment for operation.  The new METDaemon applications can operate in Windows and Linux.

So here is the news part…
We have developed and are in the process of field testing a METDaemon Development Kit (MDK).  OTS is known for our dynamic applications, and we are going to provide customers the METDaemon tools needed to develop their own custom secure applications.  The kit is already in beta testing and we are very encouraged by the positive feedback we have received.  Look for more information about this product later this year.

Our Other Products

Adapting our products to work well with all of the major databases has been an important goal for us this year.  Our other products haven't been left out of this endeavor.  Expect to soon see new releases of Email Notification, METDaemon Responder and Report Viewer with full support for MS SQL Server and of course Sybase and more coming soon.
If you have any questions and want to discuss any future plans, please contact us and we will be happy to help. Our goal is to bring new exciting products to the market at a very competitive cost.  If you want to keep your existing system, we can also support your requirements.  There are several options for you through On Time Support.  We can provide any kind of support for those systems and we will support them for years.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

On Time Support